The Recipe eBook For When You’re Exhausted – Depression And Anxiety


When we look for ‘How to improve mental health with diet’ online, we always see recipes containing many ingredients, garnishes, pre-heating, marinating, and lots of steps to simply create that ‘healthy’ meal that would improve your mental health.


But there is no common information online on how to improve your mental health with diet when the worst days come – when you cannot get out of bed, are just too overwhelmed with thoughts running on your mind, and you cannot muster the energy of a ‘healthy’ meal.


So here comes this ebook! This ebook contains the simplest 1-2 ingredient recipes on how to stay nourished and showcasing the benefits of these foods/recipes to your mental health! For some of them, you don’t even have to leave your room! You may simply keep these ingredients in your room!

Chapter 1: What to Keep by your Side At All Times 

Chapter 2: 2-ingredient Recipes Chich You Can Prepare in the Kitchen

Chapter 3: Further Kitchen Tips to Make Meals Easier

This 25-page ebook  will provide basic, yet very helpful dietetic advice on how to prevent nutritional deficiencies which may cause your mental health to worsen, and will explain the benefits of each meal to the brain, and serve as a guide to look back on to prepare yourself when the difficult days come.