Personalised online nutrition consultations can help you manage a health condition, support your well-being and provide trustworthy and individualised nutrition advice for every-day life.


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What will happen:

  • You will book an appointment by clicking one of the 3 plans below which will lead you to sign in to Healthie App
  • You will be sent a Health Questionnaire Form to fill out before your appointment which I will use as a guide to understand you better
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Improve your energy levels and mood

Weight Loss/Gain

Break through the plateau to gain weight/lose weight with minimal mental effort that fits your lifestyle!

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Manage symptoms and improve bloating, constipation, wind, and diarrhoea

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure management!

Manage your heart health without restricting your diet and enjoying meals that keep you full

Type 2 Diabetes

Manage your blood sugar and aim for the goal of remission without unnecessary restrictions!

Sports Nutrition

Improve your performance, build muscle (tone up), or lose weight with personalised diet strategies

FREE-15 minute Discovery call



1-Hour Initial Consultation

1-hour initial consultation



30-Minute Follow-up Consultation

£45 (Can only be booked after 1-hour initial consultation


Booking appointments with me

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